Top 20 Health Affirmations to Heal Your Body Quickly

Being Healthy is one of the most important and challenging thing these days. Visual, print and social media are flooded with news about disease and increasing health related issues. Modern medicine is interested only in treating the diseases and they are not much bothered about preventive measures or improving the immunity to safeguard us from diseases. So we need to learn how to strengthen our natural disease defense mechanism which is inbuilt in each of us and fighting each and every minute to protect us from pathogens and other foreign objects. Normally we don’t give much importance to it.

We can strengthen our immune system in may ways like eating healthy foods, by avoiding unhealthy and junk foods, proper physical and mental exercises etc. Mental health also equally important like physical health. Our mind has a natural tendency to stick to negativity. If your mind is filled with too much negativity that can seriously affect body’s power to fight against pathogens because when we are not mentally healthy that can seriously affect our immune system. Here are some health affirmations to improve your healing. Take a notebook and write these affirmations at least once daily for few weeks or record this with your mobile phone and listen to it daily. Slowly this will go to your subconscious mind and that will help to improve the healing process.

My awareness is fully concentrating on my body.

Unlimited amounts of energy are flowing through all my organs.

Lot of energy is flowing from my head to my toe and that is healing all my organs.

All my cells are working at its peak level.

My awareness is fully focused on healing my body.

All my organs are healed and working at its optimum level.

My awareness only concentrates on my body and its healing.

My awareness is focusing more and more on my body.

No thoughts, feelings, sensations or emotions, just healing.

My full attention is on healing my body.

My awareness is scanning through every single cell and is making it energetic and perfect.

My body is perfectly healthy.

I am perfectly healthy.

Thank you for this perfect health.

I am so happy and grateful for this perfect body.

I am so happy and grateful that all my organs are working at its best level.

My immune system is working at its peak level.

I am enjoying perfect health.

Divine energy is flowing through all my organs and making them perfect.

Thank You.

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