Rife Parasite Frequencies Slow Mix : Isochronic .1Hz, 0.08Hz, 0.06Hz Sweep : Deep Healing, Relaxing

This video is a slow mix of all 35 main parasite frequencies in isochronic mode. It is modulated in 3 ultra low frequencies – 0.1Hz, 0.08Hz and 0.06Hz for a slow relaxing soothing effect. Since it is in the lower end of of the frequency spectrum it is very relaxing and can be also used as a sleep music if you have any sleep problems or disorders like insomnia.

Since this is in the isochronic mode earphones are not necessary and also it is better to listen with good quality speakers because many of the tones in this list are not pleasant to ears or you may feel some are very harsh. So listen at comfortable volume too. I included all unpleasant frequencies because they are very beneficial too. Also I didn’t include any background music, noise or any such things because my primary aim is to get maximum benefits from the main frequencies.

Also please not that this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. Please use this with your primary treatment if you have any major health issues. Parasite overgrowth is a very common issue affecting most adults and children but most are not aware of it because it doesn’t have any major symptoms. But in long run it can leads to many other health issues. So it is better to take some measures regularly to keep it under control.

It is impossible to remove all parasites and bacteria from our system. Also many of them helps us in bodily functions like digestion. So only thing you need to take care is to keep its growth under control with parasite killing foods, frequencies, diet etc. Sugary items are a major reason for parasite overgrowth. So if you suspect parasite overgrowth then reduce or stop sugar intake too. Even undigested grains also becomes a food to parasites so it is better to reduce grains like rice, wheat, oats etc.

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