Not Happy with the Way Life Goes ? Learn Mindfulness : Live in the Present Moment

Are you fed up with haunting negative memories ? Too worried about the future ? worried about your financial and other family problems ? Are you thinking about the past and future too much ? Not happy the way life goes ? Then practise Mindfulness. That is the best solution for most of the problems. 

Live in the Present Moment Intensely and Totally

Most of the time we live in the past or future. Being in the present moment is very rare for most of us and that is the main reason for the never ending problems too. Actually life is very simple – we are complicating it. Most of the time we are exaggerating our problem by overthinking and over worrying about it. We are giving more powers to problems by constantly thinking about it.

No past or future, Only the Present Moment

Past is recorded present and future is expected present. Only the present moment is available to us. When you live in the past or future you are living in an imaginary and exaggerated world – living in an imaginary palace made by your own thoughts – which are mostly made with false or exaggerated things. So to be real you need to be in touch with the present moment. That is the only real thing you have.

Mind vs Present Moment

Mind doesn’t like the present moment. They are like enemies because the mind cannot imagine or exaggerate things when you are in the present moment. So it will calm down or lose its power. That is the trick behind mindfulness. When you are mindful or aware about the current moment or situation, the mind cannot assume things because you are in the real world.

How to Practice Mindfulness ?

Even Though it looks easy it is not easy to be in  a mindful state always. You need constant practice and may take weeks or months to achieve continuous mindful state throughout the day. But it is very much possible if you are determined. First start with simple things. When you are sitting idle be aware about the surroundings, walls, furniture etc. Don’t allow your thoughts to go out from the room or surroundings. Even if it goes gently, bring it back.

Every action we do can do it in two ways – knowingly or unknowingly. When we do it without conscious knowledge we are acting like a machine. But when we do it with full conscious knowledge there is devotion in it. Most of your daily activities are controlled by the subconscious mind and you are doing it automatically or without your conscious knowledge from brushing your teeth to driving to your office. Try to do all these things by your conscious knowledge. Do it with love and devotion instead of doing it mechanically. Develop this habit slowly and that will change your life forever. That will stop overthinking and exaggerating problems. You will become more calm and peaceful.

Repeat this affirmation in your mind always “I Live in this Present Moment Intensely and Completely

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