Top 50 I AM Affirmations : Change your Life with I AM Affirmations : Touch your True Self

Affirmation is one of the best ways to reprogram your subconscious mind and change your life in the way you want. There are many types of affirmations like money, success, health, positive, mindfulness, career affirmations etc. One important thing while writing affirmations is to make sure it is in the present tense. As per experts, that is the best way to teach the subconscious mind. Another important thing is don’t expect affirmations to work in a few days. You need to listen, write or watch affirmations daily for a few weeks or months with full faith. Then only it will work.

Also as I mentioned in my previous articles just listen to affirmations for a few minutes every day and rest of the day if you keep on thinking in the opposite direction then it will not work. Try to keep your mind positive and happy always. Every thought is also an affirmation. Approximately 65,000 thoughts come to our mind every day. So if you listen to some positive affirmations for a few minutes – that may count for your 500 or 1000 thoughts and if the rest 64000 thoughts are negative then no use. This is the main reason many people complain that affirmations are not working. So approach it with a good and positive mindset.

‘I am affirmations’ are also very useful and effective if you practice it correctly. ‘I am’ is very very powerful because it represents your true self or consciousness or awareness. That represents the real you. We are not body or mind or intellect or ego as we think normally. We are pure consciousness or awareness. Body and mind are accessories or instruments to survive in the physical world. The real you is represented by ‘I am’ – soul or spirit or Atman. So when you recite or listen or watch ‘I am’ affirmations you are touching your true essence. True Self. This can bring so many positive changes in your life if you practice it with ultimate devotion and positive mindset. Here is a lit for Top 50 I AM Affirmations

  1. I am healthy
  2. I am wealthy
  3. I am happy
  4. I am confident
  5. I am courageous
  6. I am safe
  7. I am secure
  8. I am rich
  9. I am abundant
  10. I am strong
  11. I am infinite
  12. I am eternal
  13. I am awesome
  14. I am intelligent
  15. I am blessed
  16. I am beautiful
  17. I am grateful
  18. I am powerful
  19. I am joyful
  20. I am loved
  21. I am healed
  22. I am free
  23. I am calm
  24. I am divine
  25. I am fearless
  26. I am smart
  27. I am brave
  28. I am creative
  29. I am whole
  30. I am complete
  31. I am permanent
  32. I am love
  33. I am enough
  34. I am limitless
  35. I am energetic
  36. I am positive
  37. I am lovable
  38. I am wonderful
  39. I am fabulous
  40. I am amazing
  41. I am great
  42. I am unique
  43. I am special
  44. I am gifted
  45. I am prosperous
  46. I am successful
  47. I am optimistic
  48. I am focused
  49. I am talented
  50. I am attractive

Take a notebook and write these affirmations at least once in day. Or record it in your mobile with your own voice using voice recording software and listen to it at least once in a day – preferably just before sleep or just after waking up. You can also write down it in sticky notes and stick it on walls, cupboards etc.

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