Law of Attraction Not Working ? : 5% You are Asking for Money and 95% Rejecting It !

Manifesting a wealthy and prosperous life is not that difficult as you think but the biggest block or hurdle is changing your mindset or your perception about money and wealth. Universe is always there to shower you with abundant wealth and money. It isn’t reserved for some people. For the universe all the humans or animals and plans or even all creatures on this planet are the equal. Universe will not give any special things to anybody. For the Universe or God all 7 billion people on this earth are his children. Then how can he show partiality to someone ? How can he give wealth, prosperity to a small group of people and poverty and misery to others ?

So it is purely in our hands, nothing to do with the Universe or God. Universe is always there to help you, telling you to take whatever you want. But we are not asking or taking. Or we are asking and taking wrong things like misery, troubles, problems etc. On the other side few people are asking and taking the right things. That is why it is very important to change the mindset to become rich and wealthy. 

Universe or god will give you what you have asked for. It doesn’t differentiate between good and bad. Remember each thought is a prayer. On an average 65,000 thoughts come to our mind. So even if you pray to god or the universe for good luck and prosperity for 10 minutes or half an hour daily it will not even come to 5% of your total thoughts in a day. Rest of the day we think about our problems, issues in life, financial problems etc. So effectively 5% we are asking for good and 95% asking for bad things. So the Universe is helpless. It is fully our mistake. 

So changing the mindset is the key to success and abundance. Change from poverty thinking to abundant thinking. That made many millionaires and billionaires. But changing mindset is not an easy task. It needs constant and systematic approach. Our subconscious mind was hard coded during our childhood and most of our perceptions and beliefs including money and wealth were etched in big letters during that time. To change such beliefs take some time. You need to take some concrete steps to achieve that.

Repetition is one of the most effective ways to reprogram the subconscious mind. Listen to some money affirmations daily. I already listed some money affirmations in this blog and some money affirmations videos already in my YouTube channel. You can also find numerous such money and wealth affirmations videos in YouTube and such sites. Such affirmations audio and visualization videos help a lot to change the mindset. 

As i said before, it is better to listen to such audios just before bed time or just after waking up. These two times our brains pass through alpha and beta brainwave stages. Subconscious mind is more accessible during these two brainwave periods. Also you can write affirmations in a notebook daily if you prefer that way. 

Then learn some mind management techniques, listen to such speeches, do pranayama or breathing exercises, yoga and meditation. All these will help you to control and calm down your mind. Overthinking is the root cause of most of our problems in life. Once you change your mindset from poverty thinking to abundant thinking everything will happen as you plan and wish. Good Luck.

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