Don’t get Identified or Attached to Outside Things | That Will Only Bring Suffering & Disappointment

Normally most of the people get identified with so many things in the outside world or get attached to them. There is no reliable thing in the outside world where we can get identified or attached to. Outside world is just like a drama – anything can happen anytime. Only you can hold on to your life is consciousness or awareness. All other things are temporary and can leave you any moment and in long term that brings only more pain than happiness.

Same thing if you get identified with something like a political party, or a religious group or with your qualification or job or position or wealth or social status etc. When you get identified with such temporary or changing things high chances are there that can give you troubles are sufferings in the long term. 

When you get identified with something your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions will be biased. For eg if you are too much identified with a political party you will start ignoring negative news about them and your subconscious mind will look for positive news about them and register only such data in your memory. So your capacity to be neutral will be compromised and you see everything in a more biased manner. Then slowly you start hating other parties and look for negative news about them. Slowly your mind will be filled with negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, anchor etc.

There is no point in worrying about something which you don’t have any control over or not directly connected with. That will create negative sentiments in your body and that seriously affects your health and overall mental status. Same case with all kinds of identifications. If you are too attached to a celebrity and when there is negative news about him/her will affect your mental health. 

So you cannot find a perfect, reliable, permanent and complete thing in the outside world which you can permanently rely on and depend. All things keep on changing and that is the nature of the outside world. So if you rely too much on outside things one day that will disappoint you. 

Same case with material things too. If you are too much identified or attached to your wealth, car, house, or other material things that can also leave you or disappoint you any time. Even we cannot depend on our body or mind. That also keeps on changing. You don’t have even a single cell in your body now from your childhood. Mind also keeps on changing.

So only the permanent thing available to everybody is consciousness or awareness. That is why from ancient times Rishis or Saints or enlightened persons or Sadhus say be with the self or Atman or soul. There is no dependable thing in the material world. Science is making a big mistake by going more and more outer. Of course that will give more knowledge and information but will not give happiness and peace. That is why even after so many achievements and recognition many scientists don’t live in ecstasy or perfect happiness. All achievements in the outside world will give only temporary happiness. So move inside. That is the only solution.

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