Rife Cure All Frequency 20Hz mixed with Relaxing Music

Cure All frequencies are very popular among frequency healing lovers community. There are many cure all frequencies in the Rife list like 20Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 800Hz, 880Hz, 5000Hz & 10000Hz. In this list 20Hz is also very important one because it is believed to be a cure for many major and common diseases. Please refer the Rife documents which are available online in many websites and forums. Since it is a long list I cannot list all the diseases name here.

20Hz is just the starting of human audio spectrum so most of our hearing system many not able to able to process it fully. As we grow up the efficiency of our hearing system reduces and when we become aged our hearing system capacity deteriorates further and we many not able able to reproduce many lower end and higher end audio spectrum frequencies. Also low quality speakers, headphones and other audio output devices also cannot reproduce 20Hz tones correctly.

So if you don’t hear the sound of the 20Hz tones in between the music it doesn’t matter, the vibration will help and cure. Listen to this audio at least once in a day for few weeks and see any changes happening or not. I have many other Cure All frequency videos also in my YouTube channel. If this doesn’t work for you then try other such videos too. Also there are many disease specific videos too. Check out the channel here. https://www.youtube.com/c/ZoneLife/

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