You have more power than you think ! You are in a self made jail ! Break it to achieve great things !

We have immense power and potentials residing inside but our limiting beliefs are holding us back. Nature or our creator didn’t give any special things to anybody in this world. Gave the same power and possibilities to everyone. Then only why few people are very successful and others are not ? Our thoughts and beliefs make the difference.

Most of the time we are remotely controlled from our subconscious mind. It is like a software program or operating system. Without even our knowledge it is controlling us. Conscious mind is very small compared to the subconscious mind so it can easily overtake our conscious mind. 

So what is wrong if we are being controlled by our subconscious ? Problem is most of the entries in the subconscious mind were written during our childhood period. In our childhood our parents or teachers taught us many limiting thoughts like ‘you cannot do this, you cannot do that’ etc. Those negative and limiting thoughts etched to our subconscious. Still we are being controlled by those hard written beliefs and perceptions. 

For every creature on this planet nature draws two lines and his or her entire life he/she has to live in that 2 lines. But for humans alone there is no upper line. But the problem is we are making this upper line. So you should realize that this upper line is only imaginary and you can remove it any time. When you realize this truth and break this upper line barrier you will be completely free and you will realize your actual potential and possibilities.

So how to break this upper line or how to come out from this self made jail ? One option is to reprogram your subconscious mind. Most of the entries in our subconscious are outdated and written during our childhood period. So you need to update it. How to do that ? It is not easy because the conscious mind always acts like a gatekeeper and blocks entry to the subconscious if it is found illogical or unworthy. So one option is to use repetitions. When you hear some things again and again everyday there is a higher chance that it will bypass the conscious mind and reach the subconscious. Once it reaches the subconscious then there is no cross checking there, it will directly go to your memory and that becomes part of you. Then it decides your beliefs, addictions, habits, attitude etc.

We have discussed brain frequencies in previous articles. Conscious mind will be in a drowsy mode during alpha and theta brainwaves. So the subconscious will be more accessible during these periods. There are two naturally occurring alpha and theta states everyday in our life. Just after waking up and just before sleep. Utilise these 2 periods to feed good things to your subconscious mind using your mobile phone or mp3 player listen good positive affirmations in these 2 periods.

Another option is to give more power to your conscious mind. This can be achieved by practicing mindfulness. Be aware about the current moment. Be aware about the surroundings, people around you, air you are inhaling and exhaling, body functions etc. When you are aware about the current moment or when you are in the present moment control will be with the conscious mind. If you leave that control, then automatically control goes to the subconscious mind and just like a cassette player things will be playing from it. So don’t allow the subconscious mind to take control. Likewise try to keep control with the conscious mind as long as possible. This will strengthen your conscious mind.

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