Why can’t I change my habits and addictions ? How to increase Will Power ?

Most people are aware that many things they are not doing are not right – many of their habits, addictions etc. They sincerely want to change such bad habits but they can’t. Why ? Many people say that I very well know that it is not right but I cannot change it.

Reason for that is that the decision to change a habit is taken by our conscious mind. With the help of the intellect conscious mind realizes that it is wrong and decides to change it. But the problem is the addiction really resides in the subconscious mind which is million times more powerful than the conscious mind and occupies 90% of the total mind. So the subconscious can easily overpower the conscious mind’s decision. Here comes the importance of Will Power. Only if a person has strong will power his conscious mind will be able to surpass the subconscious mind.

So to overcome this we have two options – either change the subconscious mind writing for that habit or increase the will power. We have already discussed subconscious programming in the previous posts. You can listen or write affirmations regularly to change a subconscious mind etching. It will not happen in 1 or 2 days. Will take a few weeks to change something in the subconscious but it definitely works if you are consistent. Make an affirmation audio with your mobile phone and your own voice and listen to it many times a day and before and after bedtime. Just before sleep and just after waking up are very important as the brain goes through theta state during these 2 periods. Subconscious mind is more accessible during these 2 periods. 

Second option is to increase your will power. It is connected with the conscious mind, intellect and self. So to increase will power you need to give more power to your conscious mind and self. To give more power to the conscious mind you have to concentrate on it more. Practice mindfulness. Normally most of the time we are controlled by the subconscious mind. We may not be aware but like a cassette player, subconscious mind records are being played most of the time we are awake.

Past memories, future plannings and so many things keep on flowing from the subconscious. ie . the brain is in the automatic mode. To stop this you have to be aware about the present moment. Be aware about the surroundings, people around you, things happening around you etc. Then the control will come to the conscious mind. This is how you can develop the conscious mind. 

Another option to improve the will is to improve the self. Improve awareness and consciousness. To improve the self you need to look at the source. When you watch a movie on TV you don’t pay any attention to the TV screen. Similarly all these dramas happening in our life are being played on a screen called consciousness. You are that. You are not body, mind, thoughts, emotions or feelings. All these are only faculties to access the physical world. You are sad or unhappy only because of a single thought or a collection of thoughts. The real You behind it is not unhappy.

If you realize this ultimate truth you will never be unhappy again because it is just happening outside you. You are not part of it. You are really untouchable by any such feelings or emotions. You are far greater than the thoughts and feelings. So keep watching yourself, be with the self and simply observe mind, body, emotions and feelings. Slowly you will realize that you are free from all that. Now you are identified with your thoughts and feelings. That is why they are taking control and disturbing you. When you realize that you are not that and far above, then you will become free. So be self aware and watch yourself. That will increase your will power.

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  1. I think this is level one of a spiritual awakening perspective on addiction and although may be helpful to deal with habits it is one-sided and damaging advice in the long term especially with regard to addictions.
    Habits and addictions are different and require different considerations. A habit is done through laziness or lack of awareness. Addiction is a response to trauma and unmet needs. They are very different. Trauma needs to be met with a different response.
    You can clear a habit through mindfulness but not an addiction. Also, suggesting mindfulness is one thing but suggesting you can take your awareness out of your body and ignore it as a means to health is not sensible. Ultimately there needs to be mindfulness in the body as well. Yes we are consciousness but we are living a human life, in a human body. Both of these concepts need to be integrated to be healthy. Of course we need to listen to our emotions, feelings and cravings. As healthy adults we can listen then choose to discern how to act.
    Traumatised people or particularly people with types of CPTSD or PTSD and have addictions as a symptom of that need different treatment. Addictions are generally used to try and gain control or are part of a panic response which uses a different part of the brain completely, the animal part and not just our subconcious mind where habits are played out. In cases of addiction, the trauma and underlying cause needs to be cleared first. Once the trauma is cleared and then the unmet needs met in a healthy way there is no more addiction.
    Most of my addictions being left have been due to deep healing and the habits more self awareness. All that being said I did manage to stop smoking through the Alan Carr technique as Jason Vale presented it which I was amazed by.

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