Change Your Life with Customized Affirmations using Free Text to Speech Service

Customized Affirmations – It is an amazing idea. You can find 100s of affirmation websites and you can listen to affirmations videos on YouTube and other such websites. But most of the affirmations included may not me matching your with your life goals or expectations. Here comes the idea of customized affirmations – write your own affirmations and make it as audio either by your own voice using your mobile phone or use some text to speech software if you are not comfortable with your voice.

Previously it was so difficult to find a natural free text to speech reader or converter on the web or app. But recently so many providers came up with beautiful TTS mobile apps, web apps and web sites with sound almost similar to human voice and most importantly most of them are free to use  too up to a certain level. You can find numerous such sites including Amazon Polly, Google cloud text to speech, Azure TTS, IBM TTS etc. Amazon Polly has neural voices that are very close to human voices. There are many small providers too using these cloud services and convert your text to mp3 or other audio formats. 

Apart from just converting to text now modern TTS has so many features like control speed, volume or amplitude, pitch, timbre, emphasis words, add special effects like breathing, whispering, soft voice etc is possible with Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) tags. For affirmations even basic settings will do but you can experiment with different settings for maximum benefits.

First thing you have to do is write some affirmations matching your goal or you can choose your favorite affirmations from websites. There are so many websites with lots of good affirmations for money, happiness, life improvement, positive attitude, confidence, success, career improvement etc. Visit those websites and choose a few affirmations which you feel best for you. Make it as a text file or copy all those affirmations and visit the free Text to speech website and paste it there. 

Then select a voice depending on your language or preference like male or female etc. Then click on create mp3 or audio. (Remember some sites allow only to read the text and advanced features like mp3 creation etc will be paid features). So select a TTS site with a free mp3 option too. Once mp3 is created it will ask you to save or will be saved to your download folder according to your browser setting. 

Now copy this mp3 to your mobile phone or mp3 player and listen to it everyday just before bed time or just after waking up. As I mentioned in my previous post these 2 periods are very important in subconscious mind programming  because our brain passes through the theta brainwave range during this time. Subconscious mind will be very much accessible during the theta brainwave period. So utilize this naturally occurring theta mode for programming your subconscious mind using this newly created affirmations. 

As I mentioned in my previous posts, be careful while choosing affirmations – it must be in present tense, avoid negative words or sentences and make it simple sentences. One important thing is you have to listen to it daily without any gap. If possible listen to it during day time too. As per experts you need a minimum of 21 days to change a habit or behavior. So regularity or consistency is the key. Don’t expect a result in 1 or 2 days or even after 21 days if there is no result keep listening to it. Definitely it will work.

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