This is how I improved my health and overall happiness

I am a very sensitive person and get irritated or tensed for even very small things. This created many issues in my everyday life and I was almost in a bad mood most of the time, especially when I was working with a corporate in my initial career period. I was getting a good salary but life was very hectic. I used to get many health issues like digestion problems, fever etc very often. 

Peace of mind is my top priority always, even above money. So after 4 years I left that job and for the past 20 years i have been working from home doing an online job. Even though income is not very consistent and I am not getting any big money from this. But getting enough money for my family to survive and live a simple life. I always prefer to live a simple life. I know, taking this kind of risk is not possible for everybody but always try to reduce your work pressure. After switching to my own job, my health issues vanished. Now i rarely get sick. With God’s grace I haven’t had any fever or such things in the past 13 years!

The most important thing i did in the last few years is i learned a lot about Indian vedic principles and spirituality. That made lots of changes in my lifestyle and health front. My main problem was overthinking. As per Indian vedic books, mind is the main culprit for all of our problems. If we reduce thoughts slowly our happiness will increase. Most of the time the mind visualizes problems which actually don’t exist. So try to reduce your thoughts. That is not easy. You have to do some practices like meditation. When the mind calms down, actual powers in you will start to flourish. 

Don’t worry about things which are not in your control. Normally we worry about things from far away places after watching the news. Actually there is use, only you are damaging your own system with such negative thoughts and feelings. So I stopped watching the news 3 years ago. Now my family and I watch only relaxing and comedy programs. Read headlines in news websites just to know what is happening in the world. That is all. In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says don’t worry about something which you don’t have any control over. That is very true. Thousands of crimes and other things happen every day in the world. If we start to worry about that we will not have time for anything else. Leave the world as it is. Nobody can correct it. Don’t spoil your system for somebody else’s mistakes.

Then I changed my food habits too. Reduced sugar and junk foods. Reduced my overall food intake. In between I switched to organic food too but it is very costly and not sure very authentic. I was a non vegetarian and used to eat fish daily in my childhood. Now we eat non veg food very rarely, mainly due to the spirituality connection. I don’t know if this helped my health or not. Doctors suggest fish for good health. But definitely you should reduce junk foods and sugar items if you are really serious about your health. Also reduced fried items, cold items etc and increased vegetables, fruits and leafy vegetables intake.

What I learned about life all these years are, you can dream for big money or luxury but at the same time you should be happy about life, happy with what you have. Fill your mind with positive energy, try to think positive about everything, yourself, other people, life, world etc. Then your life also will be filled with happiness. Don’t expect perfection in everything. World will be like this only. You have to accept it and move on.

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