Tips for a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful Life

The main culprit for most of our unhappiness is our mind. It is like drunken money and if we don’t manage it properly, it can create so many problems in our life. Of course all of the comfort we are enjoying today is because of our mind. All man made things exist today that first happened in somebody’s mind. So mind is not a bad thing but you must know how to use it properly. You should use it like a dustbin, use it only when necessary. Instead of that now we are like sitting inside the dustbin! Every thought drains energy so when thoughts running in our mind like a train it drains so much of our energy.

First of all we must understand one thing. We are not the mind or body. Mind and body consciousness is the root of all problems. We are far above the mind body complex. Body and mind are only instruments to access the physical world. So don’t get super identified with the mind or body. You are not that. The same power which is controlling the universe is sitting inside you too. You have immense potential. You have unlimited capabilities. Only limiting things are your thoughts and beliefs. You are in a self made prison with do’s and don’ts hard coded in your subconscious mind mainly during your childhood period. 99.9% of the people don’t realize their capabilities and potential. Rest 0.1% knows about it and they become extremely successful. So don’t allow your thoughts and beliefs to limit you. 

Mind also has a tendency to stick to negative things. So when there are too many thoughts, higher chances that most of them will be negative. When there are too many negative thoughts it leads to negative emotions and feelings. Slowly your mood will become negative. When you are filled with negative emotions and feelings that leads to many health issues because your immune system functions will become seriously deteriorated when you are in control of negative emotions. When you are stressed, your sympathetic nervous system will be activated which prepares you for a fight or flight mode. It will raise blood pumping, blood sugar level and reduce digestion, healing etc. When you are in this mode for a prolonged time it will lead to heart problems, diabetes etc. When you are in a pleasant mode parasympathetic nervous system will be active and that improves your healing, digestion etc.

So the most important thing for a happy, healthy and peaceful life is mind control. It is not easy but by continuous efforts you can achieve it. The main difference between humans and animals are they don’t think much and they are always happy. We think too much, worry too much and are always unhappy. Try to live in the present moment because past is past and future is only an imagination – both we don’t have any control. Only the present moment is available to us and enjoy this moment maximum. When we think about a negative thing that happened in the past we miss that moment and missing this moment too. When we think about a future moment we miss the current moment. And when that future moment comes we will be again thinking about future moments, so miss that moment too. Like this life will be slipping out of your hand like water. Final moments you will regret that you forgot to live. So instead of worrying about the past and future, live the current moment totally and joyfully. 

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