Power of Affirmations | Will Affirmations Work ? | How to Get Started ?

What is Affirmations

Affirmations are short sentences with positive messages used to program your subconscious mind. There are many types of affirmations like visual, audio, subliminal audio etc. In video and audio sharing sites you can find 1000s of affirmation audios and videos. There is a large community on the interest which uses affirmations daily to improve their life. If you really want to change your life then you also try affirmations and that can greatly enhance your life.

Conscious vs Subconscious Mind

To know the working of affirmations you must understand the working of our mind. Mainly our mainly divided in to two – conscious and subconscious, under subconscious there is unconscious mind too but that is not at all accessible to us from the outside world. Conscious mind is like a gatekeeper and check all information coming through our senses. It’s duty is to check the authenticity of the data an then it pass to the subconscious mind. It is million times more powerful and is a big storage space too. It writes the data to it’s memory and these data becomes part of us. Our entire things based on these data like attitude, behavior, emotions, habits, addictions, emotions etc. It is actually like our operating system.

How Affirmations Work ? What is Subconscious Mind Programming ?

Problem is most of the data in subconscious mind outdated and mostly written during our childhood period. In childhood period our brain mostly in the theta state and that the frequency of the subconscious. So continuous updation happens during that period. After that we go to theta only very rarely mostly while just after waking up and just before sleep. So not much updation after 6-7 years of age. After that period updation is mainly possible through affirmations. When we are active conscious mind does not allow to access the subconscious. It cross check the data and reject if it found illogical. But when we use affirmation or repeat same sentence many times some times it may skip the conscious and enter the subconscious. There no logical processing so it will directly go to the memory. Then that will become part of you.

How to get started with Affirmations

It is really easy to get started. As mentioned about in YouTube and other sites you can find many affirmations audios and videos. Listen to it daily. Or you can prepare a list of affirmation and record it with your mobile with your own voice and listen to it daily. That is more effective. You can also write affirmations in a notebook daily. That is also a good way instead of listening. As a rule you need to listen or write 21 days continuously because as per experts 21 days required to change a belief or impression in your subconscious.

Will Affirmations Work ?

Definitely. Millions of people used affirmations to improve their life and you can find so many such success stories. Consistency is must and you must believe it too. You can change your habits or addictions with affirmations. Actually we live in jail with so many negative beliefs and restrictions mostly set by our parents and teacher during our early childhood. Even though they did with good intentions but that is actually limiting our potential. Actually we have unlimited possibilities. But most of the times our beliefs and fear of failure pull us back and limit our potential. So you can change it by rewriting the corresponding subconscious mind patterns using affirmations.

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