How to increase Focus and Concentration : Mind Management Lessons

Importance of Goal in Life

A distracted or turbulent mind will not take you anywhere. If you really want to achieve something great in life you should have a goal. Be it in your job, business, life or whatever it is, if you are serious about it and want to succeed it must be goal oriented. A distracted mind is like a boat with many people rowing in different directions. So you must have a clear cut idea what you want to achieve or what you want to become.

Reduce Thoughts, especially negative ones

Thoughts are like ripples in the mind. When there are too many thoughts it will become like a rough sea. The real power within you is behind the mind and thoughts. So when there are so many thoughts it will cover the real you. So the real you, Self, Atman or consciousness gets full power only when the mind is silent. Also when too many negative thoughts it will seriously affect your mood and it will further deteriorate your concentration and efficiency.

Senses are our Inputs

Brain gets data through our 5 senses – mainly eyes and ears. It purely depends on this data and our subconscious mind is constantly recording these data from our childhood and keeping it for future reference. Problem is in the modern world most of the data sources are negative like newspapers, television, social media. So try to avoid or reduce such negative things. Also try to keep a safe distance from negative people too. Remember whatever you are seeing or hearing today is deciding your future. So be careful with that. Your thought patterns will be based on these. Your mood will be based on it. And your success also will be based on these datas.

Best way to reduce and control thoughts – Objectify the Mind

In today’s world we are too much identified with the mind. You think you are mind. But actually it is not. Mind or Brain also just like any other organ. Don’t give too much importance to mind and thoughts. You are far above from that. You are Self, Atman, Soul, Consciousness or Awareness. Mind and body are only instruments to play in the physical world. You were supposed to be the master but now the problem is mind is the master you are a slave. That is the problem of all sufferings. You are the subject and mind is only an object. Objectifying the mind is the best way to reduce thoughts. As soon as you realise that your mind is not you and it is only a slave then it will slowly lose power and will start to obey you. 

Focus and Concentration

Once all senses and mind are in your control then slowly your will power  and concentration will increase. Always you have concentration but it was scattered. You can achieve great things in life only when your concentration is pin point to something like a focused sunlight can even burn a paper. Too many thoughts and feelings will pull you in many directions and when thoughts reduce you will be able to concentrate on your goal more effectively.

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