Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Minds and Programming your Subconscious Mind

Conscious Mind

Mind can be mainly divided into 3 – Conscious, Subconscious and unconscious minds. Conscious mind is the mind normally we access – all our thoughts reside here or this is the mind our external world or senses have full access. It is the analytical mind and has power to differentiate good and bad or true and false. Conscious mind is only a small portion of our mind and very slow too – operates only in bits per second. 

Subconscious Mind

Subconscious mind is just behind the conscious mind and it is like a hard disc containing all our memories, habits, behavioural and emotional patterns etc. Most of your interactions with the outside world is controlled from here – your attitudes, behaviour, relationship patterns, values, addictions, emotions, feelings, long term memory and is far bigger than your conscious mind and operates at higher speed – millions of bits per second. So your actual software program resides here. So if you want to change your life – your thought patterns, behavior, attitude, habits or addictions – then you have to reprogram it here.

Data in the Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind is continuously storing data which receives through our senses. Normally the conscious mind acts like a gatekeeper and passes only information which it seems true and valid. Problem is most of the content in the subconscious mind was written during our childhood especially below 5-7 years of age. After that age no major upgrades and we still operate with that data. For most of that period our parents or teachers put so many restrictions and many negative beliefs and thought patterns like you can’t do this, you can’t do that. These patterns and beliefs are still governing us.

Subconscious Mind Programming

So how do we change these patterns in the subconscious mind ? It is not very easy and you cannot do it in one day. But definitely possible. First of all, the subconscious mind is not directly accessible to our senses or outside world. Normally the conscious mind comes in between and it filters the data. So to access the subconscious mind we need to calm down the conscious mind. Here comes the importance of brain waves. Our brain has many frequency levels depending on our state of mind. Frequencies associated with subconscious are alpha and theta waves. So when the brain is in theta or alpha, the conscious mind will not be very active. So we can access the subconscious directly. You can find so many audios and videos on the internet to switch your brain to theta or alpha states. If you listen to 5-10 minutes then the brain will switch to that frequency. Then you can use some affirmations to program the subconscious mind. But remember, just doing it 1-2 times will not help. You have to do it for many weeks. Normally what they say is to change a habit you need a minimum 21 days.

Alpha and Theta Waves Before and After Sleep

We naturally pass through Alpha and Beta stages normally 2 times daily – just before sleep and just after waking up in the morning. These 2 time periods are very important. You can utilize this to program your subconscious mind without any external things. Go to bed with some affirmations and while waking up also first listen to some affirmations for success, money or such life changing messages. You can also listen to subliminal messages during this period.

It took many years for our beliefs, habits, thoughts and emotional patterns in the subconscious to reach current levels. So it is not possible to change it in one or two days. Have patience. It will slowly change. 

Unconscious mind

It is the deepest mind and we don’t have much control over it. Unconscious mind controls our body functions and immune system. Most of our automatic functions happen in the body and control the autonomic nervous system. It is always active and takes care of us 24 hours a day. It operated in the delta range – below 4hz.

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