Root & Sacral Chakra Balancing @ 963 Hz Frequency of God Solfeggio

Here is a beautiful mix of chakra frequencies with solfeggio 963 Hz commonly known as Frequency of God.

Root & Sacral Chakras

Two lower chakra frequencies are used in this binaural mix – root and sacral chakra. Root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with survival, security, grounding etc. Color is red and associated with element Red. Sacral chakra is associated with sensuality, sexuality etc and color is orange.

963Hz – Frequency of God Solfeggio

963 Hz associated with crown chakra or sahasrara and pineal gland activation – commonly known as frequency of god. It raises positive energy vibrations and help to connect to our source. It transform cell to highest level and awaken any system to original perfect state and help us to return to oneness.

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