What is Mindfulness Meditation

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state in which we are aware about the current moment. Normally our mind oscillates between past and future like a pendulum and rarely stays in the present moment. But if you are able to keep it in present moment even if for few minutes that will be wonderful. If you practice that for even few weeks that will start showing many benefits and life will slowly change.

Past, Present & Future

Actually there is no past and future in our life. Past is a recorded present and future is expected present. What we have is only present moment. Each thought drain energy. So when our mind filled with so many thoughts they drain lots of our energy and that is why we get exhausted after a long work or stressful situations.

Thoughts & Energy Drain

On an average 65,000 thoughts come to our mind and most of them will be negative. So these thoughts not only drain our energy but drag our mood negative too. Of course mind is one of the most sophisticated system but too much use create more trouble that benefit. So use mind only when it is absolutely necessary.

How to Practice Mindfulness

The best way to practice mindfulness is to be aware about the surroundings. Try to keep mind inside your room. Look at the walls, ceiling, objects in the room, furniture etc. Also watching breath is a very powerful tool. Be aware about each inhalations and exhalations. Observe chest and stomach movements in each breath. Listen to your heart beats.

Initially it is impossible to keep mind calm and present 100% all the time. It need continuous practice. So whenever mind wanders try to bring it back to the current moment. Do try to suppress mind. That is difficult. Let it go and come back. After each thought bring it back to the current moment.

Live moment by moment. That is the key in mindfulness. Past is over and you dont have any control over it. Future is only in our imagination. What we have full control is present moment.

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