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Online Help : Favorites

What is Favorites
Favorites is an easy way to remember your favorites games and game numbers.

How to Add Games to Favorites

You can add any game to favorites while you are playing the game. Select Add to favorites menu item to add the current game to favorites list. Then game engine will add the current game with game number and current player name with date and time to it's internal favorites storage spaces. This game will remain in the favorites list till you manually delete it.

Favorites Structure

Favorites List is arranged in a tree like structure and you can create folders according to  your choice and move added games to these newly created folders with organize favorites option. Each entry will be displayed Game Name - Game Number format.

How to Play a Favorite Game

You can play a favorite game in many ways. Select Game Window displays all favorite games so you can start a favorite game from Select Game Window. Favorites Menu lists all favorite games and sub folders. You can play a game with a single click. Organize Favorites Window also lists all favorite games and folder. With Play button you can start any favorite game in Organize Favorites Window.

Organize Favorites

With Organize Favorites Window you can move, rename, play or delete a game. This window lists all favorite games and sub folders. You can create new folders and move games from one folder to another.

Favorites Game Details

Favorite Game details section in  the Organize Favorites Window gives you information like Game played date, added player name, game name and game shuffle number.

Favorites Folder Details

Favorites Folder Details describes details about a particular folder in the favorites list like date created, modified and accessed.



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