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Freecell - 629894


Move : 54

seven of diamonds move

Seven of diamonds in second tableau pile from seventh pile

There is one Ace is stuck in tableau, Ace of Diamonds. This Ace is required in foundation to build the last foundation cell. So somehow we have to expose this Ace and move to foundation cell. Then only we can move the remaining diamonds cards to foundation.

To expose the Ace first we are going to remove the top card from the pile seven. Top card of seventh pile is seven of diamonds. Either we can move this to a free cell or played to another tableau pile with a top card of value eight and red black in color.

Top card of second pile is eight of spades and is in match with seven of diamonds. So we can move it to second pile. After this move number of cards in seventh pile reduce to two. Now two more cards have to be removed to expose the Ace.

Tableau (Pile 7, Card 4) ->Tableau (Pile 2, Card 8) 1 Card Moved


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