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Freecell - 629894


Move : 52


Multi Move in Tableau - 8 of diamonds, 9 of spades and 10 of hearts in fourth pile

Top three cards of seventh pile are in order by rank and suit as per free cell rules, eight of diamonds, nine of spades and ten of hearts. So these three cards can be moved as a group and put it on top of a matching card or in an empty tableau pile.

Here we don't have any empty tableau pile. So we have to find a matching card to move with. Bottom card in this group is ten of hearts. This is a red color card with value ten. So we have to find a tableau pile with top card as a jack with black color.

Fourth pile in tableau is with just a single card, jack of spades. This is matching with ten of hearts so we can move the group to fourth pile. After this move total cards in fourth pile increase to four and this move reduce cards in seventh pile by four.

Tableau (Pile 7, Card 6) ->Tableau (Pile 4, Card 2) 3 Cards Moved  


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