Towers 3.0


Platform: Palm
OS 2.0

Price: $9.99

File Size: 102K

Towers 1.01

Publisher: XI-ART

Release Date: May 7,


Towers  Description:  

You have to clear the game field by pressing the cards
on the field, the number of which is bigger or less by 1 than desk card at
the bottom.You can place a King of Two over an Ace.If there are no moves,
press the desk to get a new card.Bonus points are added on the chain
length and playing speed.Every two levels you get a new civilization,
pictures, and card skins (Egypt, Rome, China, etc).The players that buy
the Towers will get for free the Towers Tournament game and will have the
possibility to participate in tournaments to win valuable prizes and new


New features in version 3.0 :

- New hi-quality sound