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Sunflower Solitaire




Platform: Windows

Price: $10.00

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Aces and Kings 1.0.73

Randy Rasa

Release Date:
January 13, 1999

Mount Sunflower Solitaire Description:  

This is an original solitaire card game,
created by Randy Rasa. The name "Mount Sunflower" comes about because the
initial layout looks something like a mountain, but it's a rather short
and dumpy little thing. This brought to mind the highest point in the
relatively flat state of Kansas, which is called Mt. Sunflower. Whoever
named it must have had a sense of humor, because it's not much of a
mountain. In fact, it's hardly even a hill. It's simply the highest point
in the grasslands on the very western edge of the state, right on the
Colorado line.