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Randy Rasa

The following games by Randy Rasa are published on Zonora.com:

Chinese Solitaire

Chinese Solitaire is an original game
combining the best elements of Klondike (one of the world's most popular
solitaires) and Scorpion (a game that offers tremendous opportunity for
skillful play), with a distinctly Oriental flair.

Four Seasons Solitaire

Four Seasons is a Windows version of the
classic solitaire, also known as "Corner Card" and "Vanishing Cross".

Idiots Delight Solitaire

Simple to learn, difficult to win
solitaire card game, with loads of features, smooth gameplay, rich
graphics and sound, and extensive online help.


Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil is a solitaire card game
for Windows 95/98/NT. It's proper name is "La Belle Lucie", and is also
sometimes known as "Three Shuffles and a Draw".


Mount Sunflower Solitaire

This is an original solitaire card
game, created by Randy Rasa. The name "Mount Sunflower" comes about
because the initial layout looks something like a mountain, but it's a
rather short and dumpy little thing.