Big 8 Solitaire

Big 8 Solitaire


Platform: Windows

Price: $24.95

File Size: 22.6MB

Big 8 Solitaire

Publisher: WinGames

Release Date: December
22, 2003

Big 8 Solitaire Description:  

Big 8 Solitaire lets you play 8 of the greatest
solitaire games ever invented. Included are, Auld Lang Syne, Granny’s
Clock, Klondike, Canfield, Magic Carpet, Flower Garden, Little Spider, and
Osmosis. They very in skill levels. From easy to hard. Statistics are
available for every game including foundation play and moves. Choose your
own card deck and table patterns or color. Sound and Music are also
included. And best of all, the cards dance for you when you win!