FreeCell Solver 1.0rc5

FreeCell Solver

Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Price: Free

File Size: 573 KB

Seahaven 1.02a

JCP Software

Release Date: July
10, 2006

FreeCell Solver Description:  

Ever get frustrated while playing Freecell? Want to see
if my program can play as well as you? Are you just really bored? Then
check out FreeCell Solver.

It's a Cocoa-based app that solves Freecell games that YOU set up! HA!
That's right, the tables are turned from normal solitaire games! As of
yet, there's no way to read in game descriptions from common OS X
solitaire games. That's definitely something I'd like to do. (And yes, I
spell it "FreeCell" everywhere in the application.)