PocketSol 3.0

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Pocket PC, Strong ARM / XScale, QVGA / VGA screen

Price: $12.00

File Size: 3.3MB

Serious Solitaire 1.10

Publisher: Lenagames

Release Date:
September 20, 2005

PocketSol Description:  

Play card solitaire games on your
Pocket PC!

Game Features:

* 50 selected solitaires, ranging from hard to easy, from popular to

* 4 decks, 20 backs of cards (more in the full version).

* The detailed help and rules for every game.

* Customizing game rules.

* Multi-level undo.

Additional features:

* You can move cards from place to place with just two taps to save your
screen from scratching.

* You can scroll the game window if a large pile of cards doesn't fit the

* The horizontal screen mode makes playing more comfortable.

* The game supports both QVGA screen (320x240) and VGA screen (640 x 480).