Card Game 1001 1.11

Card Game 1001

Platform: Palm
OS 5.0

Price: $5.99

File Size: 128K

Card Game 1001 1.1

Publisher: Johannes

Release Date: April


Card Game 1001 Description:  

Welcome to 1001 - a refreshingly new and exciting card
game for Palm devices. The game is a derivate of the game
"Thousand", which is very popular in Russia and Poland. It is
easy to learn, but offers enough diversion to be fun and thrilling for a
long time.

1001 is a three-player game with a 20-card pack.
The aim is to win tricks containing valuable cards. There are 120 card
points in the pack altogether and a player who holds both the king and the
queen of a suit (a pair or marriage) can obtain additional points by
declaring them. Scores are rounded to the nearest 10. If the bidder wins,
he scores all the points he takes; if he loses he scores minus his bid.
The winner is the first player whose cumulative score becomes more than

The game has all it takes for an addictive gameplay:
fast paced and varied action, nice and colourful graphics, easily readable
cards and controls plus score table. The apprearance is adjustable in wide
range, you can choose different card backs, names and cartoon faces for
your opponent players (can be switched off). There are detailed rule
explanations inside the game.

Only High Res (320x320) devices are supported.

Technical information: This game was developed
from scratch within 3 months time, using SuperWaba 4.01 and the
SuperWabaJump Toolkit (thanks Guilherme, Peter and all the others for
making this possible) . It consists of 10 classes and over 3,600 lines of
code. Frank Diebolt's game library was NOT used for this game.

Update Info:

v1.01: Some minor bugs fixed.

v1.1: Completed games (when a player scored > 1000) are
now saved and displayed in the evaluation screen. Games played in
learning/cheating mode (open cards) are not scored anymore. Some bug

v1.11: Fixed some bugs

The demo version allows testing the program 30 times.
Only High Res (320x320) devices are supported.