GameBox Solitaire I for Pocket PC

Download GameBox Solitaire I

Platform : Windows

2.5 MB of Storage, 2 MB of RAM, Color Screen

Price: $14.95

File Size: 3.9 MB

Serious Solitaire 1.10

Publisher: PDAmill

Release Date:
February 7, 2006

GameBox Solitaire I for Pocket PC Description:  

GameBox Solitaire is an amazing high
quality card game pack including 10 well-known card games. Incredible
graphics, high quality music and sound effects, smooth card animations,
alpha effects and fantastic playability makes this a long standing
best-seller for both Pocket PC and Palm OS. GameBox Solitaire is the
winner of the Best Card Game Award at the 2003 Pocket PC Summit and the
winner of the Best Card Game of 2003 Award by PDArcade.


# 10 popular card games

# Authentic graphics, smooth animations

# Original soundtrack and sound effects

# 'Best Card Game of 2003' award winner

# For Windows PC, Palm OS and Pocket PC

# Includes Hint feature

# NEW Pocket PC version now supports VGA resolution