Pyramid Solitaire 6.0

Pyramid Solitaire

Palm OS

Price: $9.95

File Size: 63K

Pyramid Solitaire 5.5

Publisher: Seahorse

Release Date:
March 31, 2007


Pyramid Solitaire Description:  

Pyramid Solitaire has become the most popular Seahorse
Software game ever. It is highly addictive, and has only one warning:
beware of wearing down your screen from playing too much!

Runs on both monochrome and color Palm OS® devices!

High-resolution device support for: HandEra 330,
Sony Clié, Palm OS5.

Supports Jog Wheels and Jog Dials.

Selectable background colors and card face options.

Multiple pyramid scoring.

4 different levels of play.

Best Scores & Statistics for each level.

Movable deck position, Undo, plus more!