Deluxe Freecell 1.2

Deluxe Freecell

Palm OS v5.0 HiRes

Price: $12.95  

File Size: 120K

Deluxe Freecell 1.1


Release Date: July
10, 2003


Deluxe Freecell Description:  

Deluxe Freecell brings this popular solitaire game to
the Palm of your hand. Enjoy beautiful graphics and background textures,
plus true drag-and-drop card movement! If you're ready for hours of
addictive freecell fun, you've got to try Deluxe Freecell!!

Designed for both color and
grayscale Palm OS devices.

• Superb graphics and animation!

• True drag-and-drop card movement!

• Automatic ace movement

• Left-handed view option

• Select a game by number

• Detailed game statistics

• Auto-save feature allows you to return to a game at a later time.

• New - Enhanced sound and graphics on Palm