Palm Solitaire Card Games - K

Klondike Mania
- One of the most popular solitaire games with an excellent graphics
and animation.

Klondike Mania Pro
- With more than 30 games this is the largest Klondike
type solitaire collection for PalmOS!

Klondike-on-the-Palm -
Klondike-on-the-Palm is an implementation
of the well-known Klondike Solitaire for Palm OS handhelds.

Klondike Solitaire

 Klondike Solitaire for PalmOS has simple intuitive UI, large easy to
read graphics, smooth card animation, and many options to customize the

Kickoo's Patience
Kickoo's Patience is a program
containing several solitaire games: some are famous, some are very
easy (almost for kids), while others are quite difficult and