Spite and Malice 4.0

Spite and Malice

Platform: Mac
OS X 10.1.4 or later

Price: $15.00

File Size: 2.3MB

Spite and Malice 3.0.2

Publisher: Allgood

Release Date: July
31, 2003

Spite and Malice Description:   

Allgood Spite and Malice is an implementation of the
popular card game "Spite and Malice", a form of competitive
patience game (also packaged comercially as "Skip Bo"). Try to
get rid of all your cards, while preventing your opponent from getting rid
of theirs. Unlike other competitive patience games, Spite and Malice
offers lots of options for strategy and you can get ahead by playing
smart. Plus, you can try to stop the other player, by blocking their
plays. It's very easy to learn how to play, and extremely addicting.