Heal Ear Problems with Sound Waves : Rife Ear Cure All Simultaneous Mix : 4X Powerful

Rife Ear Healing Tones : Ear Cure All

In Dr Royal Rife’s frequency list there are many separate set of frequencies for different ear problems like outer, middle and inner ear infections, tinnitus, vertigo etc. In this video all such sets are merged and made it to a single one and thus it is called Ear Cure all. It can be used for any kind of ear relaxed issues. But please be aware that this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatments. So if your symptoms are severe or it is not going away in 1-2 days while listening please consult a doctor. You can club this with any other treatment because this doesn’t have any side effects.

Simultaneous Frequency Mix

In this video tones are mixed in a simultaneous way as per critical band theory so that it will not get distorted or merged. At a time 4 tones will be playing – so the overall effectiveness will be multiplied by 4. It is time saving mix.

Rife Pure Tones for Maximum Efficiency

In this only pure tones used without any distortion to get maximum benefits. Some tones may be harsh to ears – so listen at a comfortable volume. Ultimate aim is to heal not to please ears. So there is no point in listening to pleasing music for hours when the whole aim is to heal. This is mixed in isochronic way – so headphones are not compulsory. You can listen it with a good quality speakers too.

Healing with Sound Waves

Always drink more water while listening to any frequency healing videos to flush out toxins and other harmful things. It also helps to avoid dehydration. More than that approach it with a positive mindset or belief. Body has amazing capacity to heal and regenerate – only negative impressions in our mind is the main obstacle. So try to be positive.

2 thoughts on “Heal Ear Problems with Sound Waves : Rife Ear Cure All Simultaneous Mix : 4X Powerful”

  1. Your Rife Ear Healing video will not even turn on most of the time. What few times it does turn on it’s only on for maybe 5 minutes before it shuts itself off and the circle just spins but the video never turns on again. Hope you will repair it.
    I listen to many healing videos and they play so I know it isn’t my phone. Thank You 😊

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