Rife Parasite Cleanse Full Set with Low End Rife Tones 1.5, 1.2 , 1.1, 1 and .5Hz + Nogier 1.14Hz

This is a very rare and unique mix of all Rife parasite cleanse frequencies in a special mode. In this video some of the most important extreme low end frequencies (below 1Hz) in rife spectrum are used as modulating tones – 1.5, 1.2 , 1.1, 1 and .5Hz. Additionally Nogier base frequency 1.14Hz also included. All these tones come in the delta range so it is deeply relaxing and meditative too.

Rife Parasite Cleanse with 69 Tones

Already we discussed about parasite cleanse with frequencies in previous posts. Parasite cleanse is not a one time process. It is a lifelong process. We cannot eradicate parasites at once. They can regroup very quickly. So we need to do something at lease once in a week or twice in a month to keep them under control. There are many measures you can take like eat parasite killing foods, fasting once in a while, reduce sugar and complex carbohydrate like grains (rice,wheat) intake etc. Frequency healing also good and may people found it is beneficial. You can check out the comments section of our videos for success stories.

This is not a replacement for general treatment. So if you have any serious symptoms please consult a doctor first. Also drink more water while listening to avoid dehydration. Since this contains delta brainwaves it will take brain to a sleep like mode. So please don’t listen while doing any important task which needs your full attention like driving or operating heavy machinery etc.

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