Rife Fungus & Mold Relief : Theta, Delta & Epsilon Brainwaves : 10Hz to 0.1Hz

We have already covered Rife fungus and mod relief frequencies many times but this is totally different from them. It consists of 4 brainwaves – alpha, theta, delta and epsilon – all are very beneficial and accelerate healing. Apart from getting relief from fungus and mold infections it also improve immune system performance and body’s natural detoxifying and regenerative processes. When brain moves to lowest brainwave ranges like theta, delta and epsilon body will be moved to a very very relaxed sleep like state. So body will get enough free time to concentrate on healing, detoxifying and regenerative processes. Normally body moves to delta and below ranges only during deep sleep.

Rife Fungus and Mold Relief Frequencies

This video contains full set of rife fungus and mold relief tones in a sequential mode. These tones are modulated from 10Hz to 0.1Hz covering all alpha, theta, delta and epsilon brainwaves. It will slowly bring down the brain activity and helps brain to enter a relaxed and meditative state. Apart from healing there are many benefits from low end brainwaves like pain relief, stress relief, anti aging, DHEA increase etc as per scientific studies.

This is not a replacement for general treatment. So please consult a doctor if you have serious symptoms. Also drink enough water while listening to avoid dehydration. Even though it doesn’t create any side effects, it is better to limit listening 1-2 times per day initially and slowly you can increase. Also if you feel any discomfort while listening then stop it.

Like parasite cleanse, fungus and mold cleanse also not a one time process. If you have history of fungus/mold infection it is better to take some action every week/month to keep it fully away. They can easily regroup, so complete removal is difficult. So take actions like maintain good hygiene, eat healthy foods, reduce stress level/anxiety etc. Try to be positive always. Learn some mind management techniques like meditation/pranayama/breathing exercises etc. Be physically and mentally healthy. It will protect you from all illness. Mental fitness also equally important. Unfortunately Modern medicine doesn’t give any importance to that. Every thought patterns make impact in your body too. Always remember that.

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