Frequency of Gods 963Hz with Earth’s Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz : Raise Positive Energy & Divine Consciousness

This video includes 2 popular tones modulated in the binaural way – 963Hz and 7.83Hz – and again modulated in the isochronic way to deep epsilon tone 0.1Hz. It is very relaxing and healing video. Since it take brain to deep delta and epsilon ranges body’s natural healing system will work it at its best level. Normally we go to these ranges only during sleep. So when we induce the same tones from outside body will be moved to a sleep like state. Body and mind will be fully relaxed at this stage and this will accelerate the immune system and healing processes.

God’s Own Frequency – Solfeggio 963Hz

963Hz is one of the prominent frequency from the ancient solfeggio scale. It is also called God’s own frequency because it believed to help to connect to the higher energies – oneness with the divine consciousness. It is associated with awakening intuition and activating pineal gland. It awakens the system to original perfect state. If you feel disconnected with the world then this tone will help you. 963Hz is also associated with crown chakra and helps to open and balance sahasrara or chown chakra which is located on the top of the head. 963Hz helps to return to oneness – connect to our very own source. It opens door to the infinite cosmic energy and helps to reach the highest vibrational state.

Schumann Resonance or Earth’s 7.83Hz

Schumann resonances are a set of low frequencies emanating from Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum and out of which 7.83Hz is the prominent one. This is also called earth’s heart beat. When you are tuned to this mother earth’s frequency it will help to remove all negative energy and raise positive vibrations. It is also very healing and relaxing tone. It is good for grounding and balance root chakra, gain stability and improve overall well being.

In this video 963Hz is modulated with 7.83Hz in the binaural way. So headphones are compulsory to get the maximum effect. Listen to it at least once per day to get best results. This can be used for general well being as well as for meditation. Drink more water while listening to any frequency videos to avoid dehydration.

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