God’s Own Frequency 963Hz : Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Pineal Gland, Manifest Desires with 7.83Hz

God’s Own Frequency 963Hz

963Hz is part of the Solfeggio extended list. It is called God’s own frequency and is believed to be beneficial for many things. It is associated with pineal gland activation and awakening intuition. It helps to raise positive energy and removes negative vibrations. It is also associated with crown chakra or Sahasrara. It provides cellular enlightenment – transformation of cells to a higher level. 963Hz believed to help to connect to our source or spirit or soul and help to experience oneness. 963Hz also can be used for law of attraction or manifestation to materialize your desires.

Pineal Gland Activation : Third Eye Chakra

Pineal Gland is a small pea shaped gland in brain. It main function is to produce and regulate hormones like melatonin and regulate wake-sleep patterns called circadian rhythms. Shape resembles a pine cone so it is called Pineal Gland. For centuries in the spiritual world is has been associated with spiritual or universal connection. It is believed to be a window to the spiritual world. Physical eyes see the physical world and third eye sees the true or real world. Once third eye is opened you will get more clarity, intuition, more concentration, bliss etc. There are many methods to open the third eye like deep meditation, pranayama, specific diets, kundalini yoga, essential oils, crystals, frequencies etc.

Law of Attraction : Manifest Desires

963Hz is also associated with law of attraction which can be used to manifest your desires quickly and easily. There are so many frequencies associated with law of attraction or LOA like universal frequency or cosmic tone 432Hz, angelic frequencies like 888Hz, Solfeggio 639Hz etc. As per law of attraction positive thoughts and beliefs bring positive experiences in life and negative thoughts and beliefs bring negative experiences. It is all in your mindset. If you really want to improve your life then you only need to change your mindset. Outside physical world is just a projection of your inside imaginary world. Most of the time we manifest negative things with our worries, tension, negative thoughts and feelings. Universe give you only whatever you wish for. Remember even a negative thought is a prayer/wish. So when you keep worrying about a negative thing you are literally asking for it. About 65,000 thoughts come to our mind daily and nature of these thoughts decides our life and future.

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