Subliminal Money Affirmations : Attract Money & Wealth with Subliminal Audio

Re-Programming Subconscious Mind with Subliminal Messages

Subconscious mind is like a software program or operating system and all our behavior, addictions, habits, thinking patterns, beliefs etc come from it. Unfortunately majority of the entries in this develop during childhood period and no major updation happens after that. So the data in the subconscious of most people will be years or decades old and most of them will be inaccurate too. It is an accumulation of data we collected through the senses and it was processed by the mind. So it will be limited and inaccurate.

For eg during childhood period our parents, relatives, teachers, friends etc bombard us will too many negative things. All that will go directly to the subconscious. So if you had such negative data about money and wealth during your childhood, today that negative data decides your financial status and mindset about money. For eg In our previous generations majority of the people believed that accumulating too much money is a sin. If you had listened to such messages or advise during your childhood that will be still in your deep mind and may be acting against making more money.

Universe will act and give only whatever you wish. If you work hard keeping a very negative mindset about money then it will not come. Your mind needs to be very clear and should have a very clear financial goal should have a confidence that you will achieve it. So to erase all negative impressions and re-program subconscious mind with positive ones you need to take some bold steps. Affirmation is the best way to re-program the subconscious.

Affirmations vs Subliminal Affirmations

Subliminal Affirmations or messages are better than normal affirmations because conscious mind will reject most of the affirmations if your brain is fully active. There are many methods to bypass the conscious mind. One is listen just after waking up or before bed time. These 2 periods brain passes through theta brainwaves and subconscious mind will be very much accessible. Another option is subliminal messages – below an individual’s threshold for conscious perception. Subliminal Audio messages can bypass conscious mind as it will not be audible to conscious mind. Subconscious mind is million times powerful than conscious mind. So it will pick it up.

This video contains many money affirmations in the subliminal mode with beautiful relaxing ambient music. Listen to it daily for few weeks and see any changes is happening in your overall financial status.

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