Sun Frequency 126.22Hz with Earth Tone 194.18Hz @ Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz : Root Chakra

Sun Frequency 126.22Hz

Sun is the most important thing in our life. All energy comes from the Sun but we don’t give enough importance to it. When something comes free we don’t give much notice or attention. We pray and remember gods we cannot sea of feel. But Sun is the greatest of all that or we can call the supreme lord. If something happens to the Sun then humans and all other creatures vanish from the earth within few hours. So we have to give the most important position for the Sun in our life. In ancient Indian vedic culture they worshiped Sun, Moon, Earth, Wind, Rain etc. Those were the main gods and goddesses in that period. So we also have to give important to all these visible gods in our prayers.

Problem is we have been deeply hypnotized by science saying that all these are matter and it contains this element or that element etc. So there is a belief in our deep mind that these planets are just a collection of some elements. But more than that it contains enormous energies. We should not forget that. Science is still in the early stages. It knows only very little about universe and our life. Ofcourse it helped us a lot in improving our life. But all that helped to improve our external life only. It will not give permanent happiness. It has to come from inside. Our life is only 10% outside and remaining 90% inside. So if you are looking for permanent happiness you have to correct your inside world. There science will not help you. You have to work on your own. Rishies and ancient saints explored that world and they lived a peaceful life. Nowadays we are becoming more and more outward bound with so much of information from all sides through visual and social medias.

So if you are serious about a peaceful mind then you need to look inside. At least for few minutes every day forget about the outside world and concentrate on the inner world. When you spend time with machines like computers, mobiles – they will suck your energy. At the same time when you spend time with nature – Sun, Moon, Earth etc they will give you more energy. So daily spend some time with nature. This video contains Sun frequency 126.22Hz – good for meditation. Similarly I will be doing for all other planets too. They are huge energy centers and that energies have serious impacts on our lives.

Earth and Root Chakra Tone 194.18Hz

Another tone included in this video is 194.18Hz which is called Earth frequency and is also associated with Root chakra – the first chakra in the 7 chakras or energy centers in our body. Like Sun, Mother earth is also the most important thing in our life. Root chakra is also connected with physical well being.

Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz

Schumann Resonances are the low frequency vibrations in the earth’s atmosphere. There are many such vibrations but the 7.83Hzs is the prominent one. So toning to this tone also very beneficial. You can find many other Schumann resonance 7.83Hz videos also in our channel. Since it comes in the theta brainwave range it is very good for meditation. Subconscious mind will be very much accessible during the theta brainwave range. So you can club some affirmations or subliminal audio/video with this too for subconscious mind reprogramming.

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