Throat Chakra Balancing + Whole Body Regeneration With Frequencies : Open Vishuddha

This is a very powerful audio and video tool to open the 5th chakra or throat chakra also known as vishuddha in sanskrit using frequencies. The chakra tone is again modulated to 3.5Hz which comes under the delta brainwave range, which is deeply healing and popularly known as for whole body regeneration.

Throat Chakra or Vishuddha

This chakra plays an important role in communication, self-expression, creativity etc. If it is unbalanced then the person will have problem with expressing self, feel anxious about communicating etc. Color of this chakra is blue. Mantra for this chakra is ham. If it is perfectly balanced then you will be able to communicate well, will become a good listener, feel peaceful and truthful etc.

Whole Body Regeneration @ 3.5Hz Delta Brainwave

Normally body goes to delta brainwaves only during sleep. When brain is at below 4Hz or delta, healing will be accelerated to the maximum level and body concentrate mainly on healing. That is why we feel much better after a deep sleep when we have some physical illness. Here we induce the same delta frequencies from outside and persuade brain to move to a sleep like state. When you listen to delta frequencies for more than 5-8 minutes brain will slowly tuned to the induced delta tone. So body will be very relaxed and move to a meditative state.

In this video delta 3.5Hz is used which is very beneficial. It believed to relax and regenerate the whole body. So it will help to cleanse, detox and regenerate the whole system. When brain is at lowest frequency levels body will generate many hormones helpful for healing and regeneration. In modern life we don’t get enough sleep and that is the problem for most of the health issues. So getting enough sleep is very important for a health.

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