Powerful Parasite Cleanse with 69 Rife Frequencies + Nogier 1.14Hz & 8 Epsilon Waves

How to Get Rid of Parasites Naturally

Already discussed about parasites and importance of keeping parasites growth under control in my old posts. Parasite overgrowth can lead to many long term health issues so you must do something regularly to keep it under control. It is almost impossible to remove them fully from our body – especially intestines. Also some of the bacteria and other foreign bodies are helping us in process like digestion, fighting against some diseases etc. So eliminating them completely is not a good idea too. There are many methods to control the parasites overgrowth like including more parasite killing foods pumpkin seeds, coconut, garlic, ginger, papaya seeds etc, reduce carbohydrate and sugar intake, stop over eating, fast once in a while etc.

Parasite Cleanse with Rife Frequencies

Another way to remove parasites from our body is using specific parasite killing frequencies. If you are new to frequency healing you may feel how a sound wave can kill parasites. But practically it is happening. You can check comments sections of my parasite cleanse videos in YouTube and see hundreds of people reported good result with these Rife frequency videos to prevent parasite overgrowth. You can also try it because there is no side effects for this like modern medicine. But do remember if you have any serious symptoms please consult a doctor first. This is not a replacement for modern medicine. You can use it in addition.

Nogier Frequencies & 1.14Hz

These frequencies are discovered by Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician in the last century and found that they can make immense positive changes in our body and can solve many health issues.

  • A/2.28/292 Hz – Cellular Vitality – Universal Frequency
  • B/4.56/584 Hz – Nutritional Metabolism
  • C/9.125/1168 Hz – Movement
  • D/18.25/2336 Hz – Coordination
  • E/36.5/4672 Hz – Nerves
  • F/73 Hz – Emotional Reactions
  • G/146 Hz – Intellectual Organization

All the above mentioned frequencies are multiples of the basic frequency of 1.14Hz called universal frequency. In this video this 1.14Hz is used as the modulating frequency which will give many health benefits apart from parasite cleanse.

Epsilon Waves

These tones are further modulated to 8 extremely low brainwave frequencies called epsilon waves. These tones comes below the popular delta brainwaves. Human brain moves to delta range during sleep. This is further below that range so it is more relaxing and healing. All regenerative and detoxifying activities will be at peak during these delta and epsilon wave period. So apart from parasite cleanse listening to this video will bring many positive results and health benefits.

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