Detox Your Body : Toxin Elimination : 3 Hours Sleep Music @ 0.5Hz

Toxins Overload

Our body has a very powerful mechanism to deal with toxins – liver, kidneys and lymphatic system play a major role in removing toxins from our body time to time. But in modern world we are constantly in touch with toxic maters through air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat. Apart from that we use lots of chemicals from tooth paste to cosmetic materials to cleaning materials. So our body’s toxin elimination mechanism fails to remove all the toxins enter the body. This cause toxin overload and can lead to many diseases.

Toxins can be generated internally too if there is any dysfunction in our system like liver damage, DNA damage, hormone disrupt, damaged cell membrane, organ damage etc. Internal or external – toxins are the primary drivers for most of our health issues. They damage basic structure of physiological function and play a major role in most of the lifestyle diseases.

Eliminate Toxins and Rejuvenate Body

Body is trying hard to eliminate excessive amount of toxins and such harmful materials. So we can also do many things to help the body. First and most important thing is reduce or stop sugary and processed foods, limit alcohol and reduce salt intake. Then you can include more detoxifying foods like apple, avocado, beets, berries, garlic, lemon etc. Other important things are good sleep, physically fit and drink more water.

Toxin Elimination with Frequency

This video contains many frequencies from the Dr Royal Rife list which will help to accelerate body’s detoxifying functions. These tones are again modulated to an extremely low tone of 0.5Hz also known as epsilon wave. It is again very relaxing, meditate and healing tone which comes below the delta brainwave. At these low frequency brain will be fully concentrated in healing and such regenerative activities. Listen to this for daily once or at least weekly 2-3 times. This is not a replacement for mainstream medicine. If you have any major health issues consult a doctor first.

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