Rare Video of Top 15 Rife Healing Tones in 4 Layer Simultaneous Mode!

Rare & Unique Simultaneous Mode

Thousands of videos are available YouTube and such video and audio sharing sites with Rife healing tones and other mix of other healing frequencies. But all those videos play in sequential mode that means one frequency at a time. But here it is 4 layer simultaneous mixing – that means 4 tones are played at once and tones keep on changing at regular intervals. So you will get 4X benefits compared to other videos. While playing simultaneously we cannot play all the tones at once because near by tones get distorted. So tones are selected carefully to avoid this issue in this video.

Top 15 Rife Healing Tones

Another unique feature of this video is it contains all 15 rife healing tones – sorted based on the number of diseases it can cure. You will not find such a frequency set anywhere else. So it cover most of the diseases. It contains all Rife Cure All tones like 20Hz, 10000Hz, 727Hz etc and some extra tones too. So this can be used as a preventive measure too even if you don’t have any health issues. Listen to it at least 2-3 times a week or once per day to get regular benefits. Apart from healing it can detox and regenerate the body and its cells.

Frequency Healing Dos and Don’ts

It is very important to drink more water while listening to any frequency healing videos. Since it detox and regenerate cells it needs more water otherwise you will get dehydrated. Also it is not advisable to listen it overnight – better to restrict to 1-2 hours per day. While listening if you feel any discomfort stop it and try again after some time. If you continue to feel any discomfort then better stop listening.

This is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. So if you have any serious symptoms or health issues then first consult a registered practitioner and follow his advice. This can be used in addition to that.

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