Remove Subconscious Negativity & Unconscious Blockage : Let Go Fear & Guilt !

The Subconscious Mind

We normally interact with conscious mind but it is like a tip of the iceberg. Real happening is in the subconscious mind but we don’t have much control over it. It is million times more powerful than conscious mind. All our attitude, perceptions, habits, relationship patterns, addictions, emotions, feelings are decided by the subconscious mind and it occupies 90% of our bind. But unfortunately we cannot rewrite or update it directly. Conscious mind acts like a gatekeeper and it filter information from our senses and it passes only few of them to the subconscious and a logical checking.

Subconscious Mind Impressions

Impressions or data in the subconscious are mostly created during our childhood period. So most of these data may be obsolete or outdated. Also our senses keeps on bringing data from outside world continuously. Some of these data bypasses conscious mind and reaches subconscious and become part of our belief. Senses doesn’t have any logical checking so it brings all data and most of them will be false information. Especially in today’s world with over penetration of visual and social media most of these data are exaggerated or false. So without our conscious knowledge these data enter our subconscious and make false impressions. This greatly affect our perceptions, thinking patterns and decision making. Advertising companies use this technique to inject hyped positive info about their product by constantly repeating same dialogs many times a day.

Subconscious Mind Reprogramming

It is very important to re-program subconscious mind if you are serious about success and want to achieve something big in life. For most of our during our childhood our parents or teachers restricted us with so much don’ts. Those negative things are still in our subconscious and that are holding us back from taking any challenges or big decisions. Unknowingly they conditioned our minds in negative way. So we all are living in a self made prison. But actually every one in this earth has unlimited possibilities and potential. Only we have to realize this truth to achieve something big.

How to Re-Program Subconscious Mind ?

It is not easy to reprogram the subconscious as our conscious mind will not allow any direct interactions with the subconscious but it is very much possible with techniques like affirmations. When you repeat something many times a day it will slowly bypass the conscious but 1-2 entries to it will not make any impressions. It need many repeated entries to make a successful impression. so you need to try it for many days or weeks or months to change a habit. It depends on how strong your current habit impression. For example if you have a negative feeling about money, it might have developed through years or decades from your childhood. So the impression might me so strong. So you need to make that much effort to rewrite it.

Re-Programming Tools

You can use modern technologies to re-program subconscious like subliminal affirmations, visual and audio affirmations etc. This video contains some frequencies to remove subconscious blockage and remove impressions of guilt, fear etc. Listen it daily for few weeks and see any changes in your negative impressions in the subconscious mind.

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