Very Unique Parasite Cleanse : Frequency Healing : Simultaneous Mix : Pure Tones

Parasite Cleanse

Our intestines contains lots of parasites – in billions. It is impossible to get rid of all parasites and bacteria from our intestines. Only solution is we can keep them under control by stopping their overgrowth. Many things can be done to reduce parasites in our intestines but remember it is not a one time process. First thing is to keep an eye on the food we take – reduce sugary and processed foods. Try to include more fruits and vegetables in all meals. Reduce grains and such complex carbohydrates. They are difficult to digest and as we get older our digestive system’s efficiency also deteriorate. Instead of complex carbs like rice, wheat, oats etc include more simple carbs like fruits. They are easy to digest and will not strain the digestive system. Parasites overgrowth mainly happens when undigested food enter large intestines. Over eating also can make same issues. So limit food in each meal and if you want you can eat more meals at regular intervals. As per Indian alternative medicine system Ayurveda, we should fill only half of the stomach.

Parasite Cleanse with Foods

There are many food items can kill parasites like garlic, pumpkin seeds, coconut, carrot, sunflower seeds, wormwood, onion, cloves, neem leaves, ginger, papaya seeds etc. Try to include these foods in your daily meals. This is a very natural method of removing parasites from the body without any side effects. Make it as a habit of including such foods in your daily intake. There are many medicines to clear parasites from body but that have many side effects too. Our guts contains millions of useful bacteria too. They help us in many ways. Medicines destroy such bacteria too. So it is always better to adopt natural methods.

Parasite Cleanse with Sound Waves

Another Natural method is to use sound waves to kill parasites and unwanted foreign bodies from our intestines. Dr Royal Rife tones for parasite cleanse are very effective in this. In our channel there are many such videos and you can see hundreds of success stories with these tones. Since we are deeply hypnotized by science during our educational period it will be hard to digest that a frequency can kill parasites. But still there are lot more science doesn’t know or yet to reach. So if you believe this then definitely it will work. That is what the feedback from our viewers say.

Rife Parasite Cleanse with 4 Layer Simultaneous

Different types of audio and videos are available in video and audio sharing sites like YouTube using Rife parasite cleanse frequencies. But all those video/audio play only one tone at a time. But this video is very unique. It plays 4 tones at one so you will get 4X benefits or reduce time by 4. So it is more effecting compared to other videos including our old ones. Listen to it for at least once per day for few weeks and see any changes happening or not. When parasites in intestines are under control you will feel more energetic. Also please note that this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If you have any serious symptoms please consult a doctor first. While listening to frequencies it is important to drink more water as chances of dehydration is high. When body works extra to detox it needs more water.

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