Wealth & Luxury Visualization @ Money Frequency 432Hz & Root Chakra 8Hz : Dollar Falling

Having a positive outlook about money and wealthy mindset is very important in attracting money. Law of attraction and other such techniques won’t work if you have some serious negative thoughts or perceptions about money, wealth and prosperity. If you think you don’t deserve it or you cannot do it then it will serious affect your money making plans and capacity. Whatever you are dreaming and wishing are already there. You need to attract that to your life.

For that first you have to be confident about it. We have been deeply hypnotized and conditioned from our childhood by our parents, teachers and friends with many negative things. It is not easy to erase it and re-program it with positive things. But with constant efforts it is possible with affirmations and subconscious mind re-programming. There are many videos in YouTube and such sites for that. If you are having a negative outlook about your financial status and money making abilities then first use such tools to change the way you think about money.

Listening to money frequencies also helps. There are many money frequencies like miracle cosmic tone 432Hz, Jupiter orbital tones 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz, solfeggio 639Hz. We have started a new channel for money related videos and another for Indian Rupee Visualization Please check it.

In this video 432Hz is modulated with root chakra tone 8Hz. Root chakra also connected with money and abundance or physical well being. Luxury visualization slide show will US dollars falling animation also included in this video. While listening to this video forget about whatever financial problems you have and dream about more and more money coming to your life. Universe is always ready to shower wealth and prosperity but our mind and beliefs are blocking it. Change your mindset then life will change the way you want.

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