Music with Just Pure Money Tunes : Jupiter 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz, 432Hz, 639Hz : No Musical Notes

This is a rare mix of all money frequencies in pure mode – music with just wealth and prosperity tunes without any background music or musical notes. I thing this is the first time pure music created with just the money frequencies alone. Since no background music added you will get all benefits of the tones and at the same time you can enjoy it like a relaxing music.

There are 4 frequencies included in the video : Jupiter 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz, Cosmic miracle tone 432Hz and Solfeggio 639Hz. All these tones are very beneficial and you can find 100s of videos in YouTube and other such sites with these frequencies. Attracting money is not that difficult as we think normally. Hard work is good but that is not enough. You need to raise your vibrations to the specific levels and set your mindset in a specific way to attract abundance.

Normally we work hard and dream about more money but at the same time we used to have so many negative beliefs about money like attracting money is very difficult or I don’t deserve it or whatever I have is enough etc. So first you need to remove all such negative believes and perceptions about money. How can Universe shower with more money when you don’t have believe in yourself. So you need to prepare yourself and raise yourself to remove such limitations which have been deeply conditioned from our childhood. Subconscious re-programming, listening to money related videos and frequencies etc will help.

We all 7 billion people have equal rights and universe consider all of us in the same way. Universe will not give more power to somebody and do negative things to rest. It is all lies in our mindset and depends on how we view and understand things. Normally we relate it to physical actions. But more than physical things it is more connected to our mind and thoughts. Hard work is good but that is not enough. Even though you work hard and keep a very negative outlook about money then it will not come to you. So clearing your negative beliefs is very very important. Listen to some money affirmations daily.

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