Schumann Resonance Full Mix : 7.83Hz, 14Hz, 20Hz, 26Hz, 33Hz, 39Hz, 45Hz with Sun 126.22Hz

Our mother earth vibrates at certain extremely low frequencies. Schumann Resonances are electromagnetic noise that propagates in the cavity between the earth surface and lower part of ionosphere and that range in the frequency between 5 and 50 Hz. In that most prominent tones are 7.83Hz, 14Hz, 20Hz, 26Hz, 33Hz, 39Hz, 45Hz. In this video all these 7 tones are mixed with Sun frequency of 126.22Hz.

Many people believe that listening to these earth frequencies can have many positive effects on our body and mind. Our body came from the earth and can be considered as an extension of the earth. Vedanta also says we are made out of 5 elements – earth, water, fire, space and air. So these elements can have many effects on us both physically and mentally. Sun also an integral part of our life. Without sun and sunlight we don’t even survive for 24 hours.

So these are our real gods. Our ancient generations gave more importance to nature. But we are doing only bad things to nature and mother earth. We exists only because of them and every second we are deeply indebted to them. So if we meditate on them or tune to their vibrations definitely it should help. Gratitude is a major thing everybody like. Universe is showering lots and lots of love and care every moment and we have been very ungrateful. So relax, spend some time with nature and be thankful for this great life.

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