I AM Affirmations @ 7 Hz Theta Brainwave Tone + Heart Chakra 136.1 Hz Om Frequency : Reprogram Subconscious Mind

This is a mix of affirmations with heart chakra frequency and theta meditation for deep relaxation, meditation and subconscious mind programming. 7 Hz is the upper end of the Theta brainwave range and it is very relaxing and soothing. Brain enters to a meditative mood at this range and so it is very good for subconscious mind reprogramming as conscious mind will be almost asleep at this stage and so whatever information come to the mind will go to subconscious without much cross checking by the conscious mind. Normally conscious mind act as a gatekeeper and check everything and only pass information which it seems valid and true. So most of the positive things we wish and aim will get removed at this stage when we are fully awake. There comes the importance of subconscious mind programming at relaxed stage like theta and delta.

136.1Hz is the carrier used in this video. This also very beneficial as it is connected with our heart chakra. It is connected with love, acceptance, compassion etc. When it is balanced yo will feel emotionally balanced, compassionate and open-hearted. I AM affirmations are one of the best mode to reprogram the subconscious mind because ‘I’ or ‘I am’ represents our true essence or self. That is the only unchanging factor in our whole life. All other things – body, mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, perceptions – keep on changing. If you need peace and happiness in your life you need to lean up on something which is unchanging all the time. If you stick to changing things like body, mind, emotions then you cannot be happy always. One day it give happiness and next day it may give sorrow. So stick to the eternal, omnipresent force lying inside you and represented by the word ‘I’ or ‘I AM’.

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