Beautiful Rife Eye Healing Frequencies Mix : Cataracts, Eye Infections, Blurred Vision

This is a beautiful mix of 17 Rife eye healing frequencies in a very slow mode. It is very relaxing and rejuvenating as it is modulated with very very low tones even below the delta brainwave range. This will take brain to a very meditative and relaxed state which is very beneficial and healing normally gets accelerated at delta and below. This also helps to release happy hormones and other potentially beneficial things in the body which normally does not happen in active waking state which normally comes above alpha.

So going to delta or below at waking state will accelerate healing and improve overall health. Normally our brain goes to these range of frequencies only during sleep. That is why most of the healing is happening during sleep. So we can mimic that stage by inducing delta or below frequencies from outside. These kind of videos are doing that. Plus this contains all major frequencies for eye healing. So it is more beneficial.

Please note that this is not a replacement for any general treatment. If you have any major health issues please consult a doctor and this can be used in addition to your primary treatment to speed up recovery.

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